Published on: 26 May 2016

Over the past two weeks, the Pre-Primary to Year 6 boys have had the pleasure of working with Joanna Lamb, a well known Perth artist who combines elements of art, design, printmaking and painting to create geometric compositions depicting spaces of suburban architecture.

Joanna mentored the boys over four consecutive sessions, demonstrating her workmanship and providing advice for those with a passion for the arts.

“I like doing art, it makes me really happy. Joanna is a great artist and her work is like being in the future, it has lots of details, colours and houses – I love it,” said Cassius Evangelista (Year 1).

During the sessions, Joanna provided the boys with a snapshot of her artistic process through a selection of QuickTime videos and PowerPoint presentations. The boys then used inspiration from her work to create two and three-dimensional houses with particular focus on colour, composition and collage.

“Working with Joanna provided boys with the time to reflect, research and produce inspirational works. Each individual student was given the opportunity to explore work practice similar to an acclaimed artist, using new materials and experimenting with different techniques. The works ranged from house interiors and exteriors to a 266 piece instillation. Ultimately working with Joanna emphasised the importance of meaningful and multi-layered exchanges between students, teachers and the artist,” said Claire Donald, Art Specialist Teacher.

The boys’ work will be lit and displayed as a Week of the Arts installation for the opening of the Prep Art Exhibition.

“I have really enjoyed the enthusiasm of the boys especially the way they got excited about their ideas. This excitement translated into amazing creativity with every project,” said Joanna Lamb.