Health Records at Christ Church

The health and wellbeing of every student at Christ Church is of paramount importance, and the completion and submission of a current Health Record by every family is a condition of entry into the School.

Once in the School, parents receive numerous requests asking for the Health Record to be checked and updated. These requests generally occur prior to the boys going on camp, when transitioning from Year 6 to the Senior School, and embarking on Outdoor Education programs such as Kooringal and Venture. An updated Health Record ensures staff are aware of any recent changes to a boy’s health and can manage medical issues when off campus.

We understand that these requests are necessary for our duty of care, however we also realise that they are time consuming, laborious and repetitive.

To reduce the amount of time spent by parents and the School on managing the Health Records this year the School is implementing a new online platform, Consent2go, that requires an initial entry of information by parents/guardians followed by the capacity for parents/guardians to update records on a needs basis.

This system will allow parents/guardians and the School to record health information about students in an accurate, secure and timely manner and provide numerous benefits, including online excursion approvals, risk management, and online permissions for school activities.

Click here to refer to our Consent2Go – Getting started guide.