Remote Learning

We are grateful that during this period of remote learning, technology will enable human connection, ongoing teacher-student relationships and the continuation of the engaged learning that characterises the Christ Church experience.

It is important to note that we are not an online school, and we will not become one. We will use technology to continue connecting while we cannot be together in person. This plan is our effort to continue schooling in the best possible way for our students and families during this unprecedented time.

We do not seek to replicate remotely what happens in our classrooms every day. That would not be possible from an instructional standpoint. Instead, our goal is to maintain continuity of learning for our students via synchronous and asynchronous methods. We believe this continuity is essential for students’ sense of wellbeing.

The Senior School or Preparatory School links will take you to pages that provide guidelines for students and parents in support of the remote learning process.