Health and Physical Education

In the ever-changing world we live in, students are increasingly faced with issues related to obesity, lifestyle diseases, stress and conflict. It is in the Health and Physical Education learning area that boys are provided with the tools, strategies and alternatives to deal with such issues.


Opportunities are provided for boys to apply concepts and techniques; locate, obtain and share information with others; use and adapt technologies; visualise and experience consequences; develop the skills and values necessary for participation in life in Australia; interact with cultures other than their own; think creatively; work individually and collaboratively; and achieve personal growth and wellbeing.

Early adolescence

In the early adolescent years, boys explore the contemporary issues facing them and the local community. Learning focuses on understanding the complex factors affecting their own wellbeing and that of others.

Students are provided with strategies for maintaining their health and physical activity levels and they are able to realistically appraise the health and fitness levels of themselves and others. Boys at this age are able to understand that health status is influenced by a range of social, cultural and environmental factors.


Within the learning area boys are able to develop many values that will hold them in good stead for later life. Boys develop leadership, teamwork, the ability to express their own ideas, personal challenge, acceptance of the umpire’s decision and the opinion of others, initiative and the role they play in society. Boys are provided with the opportunity to experience activities that they may not have come across which demonstrates concepts of diversity and other world views. Regardless of ability, boys are continually challenged to do their best. In essence, they are educated to know, to do, to live with others and to be.