Year 9 Program – Team members

Jarrod Kayler-Thomson
Head of Year 9 On Queenslea Drive Program

Jarrod is a physical education and health educator who works with boys to assist them as they go through adolescent development. 

After spending more than a decade working with boys, Jarrod knows what underpins successful transitioning from boyhood to manhood. Jarrod believes that there is a stage in every young man’s life when he is ready to be involved in a Rites of Passage program, one that challenges boys to think about what sort of man they want to be and what behaviours a boy will need to develop for this to become a reality.

Jarrod is trained in mentoring, leadership, communication, quality assurance and presentation skills. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts Education and Bachelor of Social Science at university and for the past decade has worked in a variety of schools and in a senior educator role. He is currently completing his Master of Education specialising in Mental Health and Wellbeing.

He has also successfully balanced a professional football career with his work in the education and training sector and has attended leadership training specific to Rites of Passage. As Head of the Year 9 On Queenslea Drive Program, Jarrod is responsible for the successful co-ordination, delivery and assessment of the program at Christ Church.

Liam Casson
Director of The Wynne Centre for Boys’ Health and Wellbeing

Appointed as Director of The Wynne Centre for Boys’ Health and Wellbeing in 2015, Liam is an integral part of the academic, pastoral and co-curricular program at Christ Church Grammar School. Liam’s leadership in the wellbeing space ensures the Health and Wellbeing (HW) program provides every student with access to foremost health and wellbeing programs. The HW program spans the entire school, from PP to Year 12, and annually, careful consideration is given to the introduction of subjects such as health, positive education, protective behaviours, religious education, character development and leadership.

Liam is a qualified educator, who has spent time working locally and overseas where he gained invaluable experience in the pastoral care of students from diverse backgrounds. Liam has extensive experience in implementing and managing health and wellbeing programs at a number of elite sporting clubs and institutions, including the Player Development and Wellbeing program for an AFL team.

Liam is highly skilled in the provision of individual support, life coaching and guidance to enable students to gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and challenges, and ultimately assisting them to reach their full potential. He is committed to personal development and holistic health and is a qualified Life Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programmer and has completed a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology through the University of Melbourne.

Motivating individuals and teams to achieve excellence through the creation of a positive learning environment is a skill that Liam demonstrates in his pivotal role at Christ Church.

Ryan Myles
Director of Kooringal

Ryan Myles is a professional educator with almost 20 years’ experience working with students in the outdoors. Ryan has a Bachelor of Arts in Outdoor Education and Diploma of Secondary Education from Latrobe University, Victoria. For most of his professional life, Ryan has been developing outdoor programs focused on physical and emotional challenges, safe risk taking and positive feedback through experiential learning, which provides the scaffold for strong positive growth in boys.

Ryan commenced as the Director of Kooringal in 2016, and is responsible for the design, development and implementation of outdoor education programs where boys experience challenge, healthy risk taking, communal living and environmental care in remote settings. Ryan is skilled in integrating these programs with the Australian Curriculum and aligning these to the developmental stages of adolescent boys.

Ryan’s extensive experience in developing targeted outdoor experiences, based around community living, will ensure the Outdoor Education component of The Making of Men program delivers a positive and powerful impact, resulting in the development of self-reliant, self-confident, responsible young men.