Published on: 22 June 2023

Year 6 students held a Market Day on Wednesday this week to conclude the Endeavour Project, which they have been working on during the term.

The Endeavour Project is an entrepreneurial initiative designed for all Year 6 students. The boys work in teams to design and create a product, considering aspects such as product conceptualisation, packaging, price, and promotion of the final product.

Earlier in the term, the boys heard from Sean Harrington, CEO of the No.1 British Luxury British skincare brand Elemis and Christ Church Parent. Sean joined virtually from New York to discuss important factors of starting a business, using real-world examples of Elemis product and store launches to inspire the boys. Being able to hear from the CEO of a highly successful global beauty company was an incredible opportunity for the boys and a motivational drive to kick off their own entrepreneurial journey. The boys also heard from former Christ Church student, Lucas Lane, who is the founder of Glossy Boys. Lucas talked about how he identified a gap in the market following his own personal experiences, and the power of social media, among other facets of his business before doing a product demonstration with one of the students.

There was a buzz in the air on Market Day in the Preparatory School, with boys thrilled to sell their products to fellow students, staff, family, and friends. Boys learned how to interact with customers, communicate the benefits of their product to drive sales, and manage payments. They were particularly excited see the crowds of people interested in their creations and how much money they were raising for a good cause. As the final stage in their Endeavour Project, the boys will donate the $7162 raised from their product sales to Make-A-Wish Foundation Australia, the charity of their choice.