Published on: 14 September 2023

As the seasons change, the Preparatory School welcomed a burst of colour, creativity, and music during its annual Springtime Celebration.

The festivities began with the Open Classrooms, which saw students invite their families onto campus. Learning spaces were transformed into showcases of knowledge and creativity, with each student proudly displaying their hard work throughout the term. One of the highlights of the day was the solo and duet performances from our talented musicians. But the celebrations did not end there. In the Mandarin classroom, a captivating tea ceremony and a guzheng performance delighted special guests. Meanwhile, in the library, storytelling ‘under the stars’ provided an enchanting backdrop for young minds to delve into the magic of books and imagination.

The following day, we welcomed over 400 grandparents and grandfriends to the School for Grandparents Day, to enjoy a special assembly, share morning tea, and explore the various learning spaces where their grandchildren grow and thrive. Thank you to our generous grandparents who donated to our Grow the Library Initiative. The more than 200 new additions to the Preparatory School library’s collection will be cherished by our young readers for years to come.

As the week continued, the excitement culminated in the annual Spring Music Concert. The stage came alive with the enchanting sounds of various ensembles, each showcasing their dedication and passion for music. From the ethereal melodies of the Guzheng ensembles to the rhythmic beats of the Percussion Ensemble, the classical elegance of the String Ensemble, and the harmonious tunes of the Piano Duet Club, the concert was a testament to the diverse musical talents within the school community.