Published on: 25 May 2023

In recognition of Gifted Awareness Week, boys in the Preparatory School have been engaging in fun-filled activities.

Gifted Awareness Week puts a spotlight on the identification, support and learning needs of gifted children. It is also a celebration of the individuals and educational bodies who are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of gifted children and their families.

This year’s theme is the ‘The Diverse Faces of Giftedness’, which is a continuation of last year’s theme of ‘Like Minds’ that focused on gifted individuals finding their own tribe to support their social and emotional health and intellectual engagement. This year’s theme acknowledges that gifted individuals range from mildly gifted to profoundly gifted and include socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic diversity as well as those with a disability and many whose giftedness remains masked.

Throughout the week, boys had the opportunity to engage in a variety of lunchtime sessions including a paper plane origami lesson, a Rubik’s cube competition, spelling bee, and a ‘tallest tower’ building competition.

“If a gifted child is allowed to fly under the radar or ‘skate through’, they may not learn how to tackle challenges and problems they haven’t encountered before,” says Co-ordinator of the Centre for Excellence, Preparatory School, Mrs Brooke Siegmann.

“It is important that we provide all gifted children with opportunities to fail and persevere to ensure they have experience, strategies and emotional reserves to tackle new concepts.”

Interested in learning more about gifted awareness at Christ Church? See our Centre for Excellence page.