Published on: 2 June 2022

Throughout Reconciliation Week, Christ Church Grammar School students and staff have been participating in a school-wide art project. Taking the form of a 6m by 2m mural on canvas, the artwork celebrates the Christ Church community’s family backgrounds and the Noongar seasons. Students and staff have been painting their family trees, in the season in which they were born, using dots, lines, circles, and traditional Aboriginal symbology to represent their families and the corresponding colours for that season.

The mural is split up into the six seasons, each represented by select colours.

  • Birak (December and January) is red
  • Bunuru (February and March) is brown
  • Djeran (April and May) is green
  • Makuru (June and July) is blue
  • Djilba (August and September) is purple
  • Kambarang (October and November) is yellow

The artwork is being created in collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from St Catherine’s College Dandjoo Darbalung program, led by Ngadju Mirning Noongar artist Andrew Beck.

Once completed the banner will be displayed in the Old Boys Gallery during NAIDOC Week.