Published on: 16 February 2023

The annual Midnite Youth Theatre Company Theatre Sports event, held last night, showcased the incredible talent and creativity of our Drama students. The event brought students from Methodist Ladies’ College, St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls and Christ Church Grammar School together to participate in a friendly competition of improvisational theatre. Ultimately, the Christ Church team took home the winning spot.

The event was hosted by old boy Ben Dreyer (’21), and judges Ed Pietrucha, Tammy Sewell, and Alli Gould, who assessed the teams’ performances. This year’s event saw the teams coming up with hilarious and imaginative scenes that kept the audience engaged and entertained.

The Theatre Sports competition is a form of improvisational theatre that employs a competition format to create dramatic tension. The opposing teams compete to create scenes based on suggestions from the audience, which are then rated by the judges or the audience themselves.

The event’s success was largely attributed to the hard work of Hawk Hughes (Year 12), our Captain of Drama and the Drama Executive team, who worked tirelessly to organise and coordinate the event.

The Theatre Sports competition is an excellent opportunity for Drama students to hone their improvisational skills, work collaboratively with their peers, and build their confidence in front of an audience. It is also a platform for them to showcase their creativity and imagination, and last night’s event was a testament to the incredible talent and potential of the young actors.