Published on: 8 February 2024

The Midnite Youth Theatre Company recently returned from their 15th international tour in the UK and Paris. Our Senior School Drama students involved in the production of ‘On the Road to Win Friends and Influence People’ performed at eight schools across the UK, including the High School of Glasgow, Hutcheson Grammar, Poynton High School, and Warwick School, among others. The group also participated in theatre workshops and enjoyed musicals and shows such as ‘Guys and Dolls’, which features in the 2024 Midnite season.

Drama Captain Jasper Hatton plays the lead character Dale Carnegie in the current production. Jasper shares his passion for drama and explains his role as Dale in this video. Head of Drama and Director of The Midnite Youth Theatre Company Greg Jones shares the story of how this play came about in this video and Playwright Michelle McCormack describes her process of adapting the popular self help book, from concept to stage here.

Later this month, Midnite will launch their Perth season of ‘On the Road to Win Friends and Influence People’, held at the School’s Drama Centre from 20 to 22 February. You can purchase your tickets here.