Published on: 10 February 2022

This week our Years 10 to 12 Drama students participated in physical theatre workshops. The workshops were led by Dr Teresa Izzard who guided the students through a series of theatrical exercises designed to help them understand movement and how to perform as an individual within a wider ensemble.

The Year 12 workshop had students exploring the Nine Viewpoints from Physical Theatre practitioner, Anne Bogart as part of their Year 12 ATAR Drama course.

During the workshop students were creating movement and expanding their physical vocabulary through a series of dynamic exercises.

“This workshop allows students to explore their internal and physical world through a playful workshop where they are encouraged to be brave and vulnerable,” said Head of Drama Gregory Jones.

Dr Teresa Izzard CMA RSME is the Artistic Director of producing house First Feet Collective, as well as WA’s only Laban/Bartenieff Certified Movement Analyst and a Registered Somatic Movement Educator.