Published on: 9 February 2023

Throughout the week, the drama students at Christ Church Grammar School were transported to a world of imagination and creativity as they participated in workshops led by renowned guest practitioners.

On Monday, industry professional Anna Brockway took the students on a journey to understand movement, ensemble performance, and bringing character motivations to life. The following day, Year 9 drama students delved into the quirky and captivating world of Commedia dell’Arte with master practitioner Shane McMullan from IntotheMask Theatre. The boys learned about this historical style of improvisational theatre that originated in Italy in the late Middle Ages, and were enthralled by its energetic and entertaining essence.

On Wednesday, the students were introduced to the art of improvisational comedy by tutors from the Big Hoo Haa. They were taught the “yes, and…” improvisation game and the power of physicality in storytelling. Thursday saw Dr Teresa Izzard, Artistic Director of First Feet Collective, guide the students through a series of exercises to help them understand movement and ensemble performance.

Head of Drama, Gregory Jones, said the workshops allowed the students to explore their inner and physical world and encouraged them to be brave and vulnerable. The Principal, Alan Jones, added that these creative learning experiences are integral to the school’s philosophy of nurturing each student’s imagination and individual expression.

With the future Performing Arts Centre, PERFORM, on the horizon, the school is poised to provide a space where creativity is celebrated and fostered through music, drama, dance, and oration. Future students can look forward to experiencing these enriching opportunities in the state-of-the-art facility.