Published on: 5 April 2018

Embracing differences, raising awareness and acceptance of autism have been key themes this week as boys in our Preparatory School participate in Autism Awareness Week.

Each year the Autism Association of Western Australia, together with organisations both nationally and internationally, hold an Autism Awareness Week to raise community recognition of the needs and accomplishments of children and adults with autism.

Throughout the week activities have included daily discussion questions, mini challenges, making of slime (theraputty) and sensory bottles, gross motor obstacle courses, and a fun poster competition where students have been encouraged to express their creativity and inclusivity in relation to autism, in any mode of choice.

“During the gross motor obstacle course and slime and sensory bottle activities we discussed with the boys why motor skills and sensory activities are crucial is aiding skills development and sensory regulation for students with autism” said Troy Looke, Co-ordinator of the Peter Moyes Centre in the Preparatory School.

“By celebrating Autism Awareness Week we are aiming to further develop students’ awareness and understanding of autism, as well as acceptance of people with differences in the community.”

Winners of the poster competition will be announced at this Friday’s Preparatory School Assembly.