Published on: 22 November 2018

More than 200 boys passed through our Preparatory School Art room last Friday to engage in hands on, exciting activities involving edible and yummy art.

As part of Orientation Day, boys entering Years 4 and 5 in 2019 joined current students to have a go at painting freely on canvas using melted chocolate, a technique inspired by the famous American artist, Jackson Pollock.

“This was our first year undertaking an edible art task on Orientation Day and it proved a big hit. I guess when chocolate is involved it is always a head start!” says Art Specialist Teacher in the Preparatory School, Mrs Claire Donald.

“Jackson’s unique style of painting involved spraying, flinging and dipping paints onto canvas. He often painted with his canvas on the floor, moving around it as he worked, giving rise to the style of action painting.”

“It was amazing to watch the increased confidence and engagement of boys experiencing Christ Church for the very first time. They began the task with trepidation, but finished with a chocolate smile and an eagerness to start next year.”

“At each Orientation Day we aim to ensure every boy, regardless of their abilities, has a great experience of Art and walks away with a positive mindset.”