Published on: 15 November 2018

An online video call from the unknown had our boys from 6SM intrigued this week as they were paired with an undisclosed source and challenged with the task of identifying and getting to know them.

Starting off their investigation with probing questions such as; are you based in a major city, are you situated in the northern or southern hemisphere, the boys enjoyed the challenge of determining their caller’s origin, soon discovering the location of the class on Skype  –  Saudi Arabia!

Digital Learning Coordinator Robert Dodds said, “One of 6SM’s early questions was do you play Fortnite. This resulted in a resounding yes from the other side!”

“Both classes also enjoyed the opportunity to perform their nation’s national anthem during the virtual interaction.”

“The concept of Mystery Skype has taken off around the globe, allowing paired classes to guess where each is located.”

“It offers a fun, interactive way for students to learn about other cultures and enhances critical thinking and communication skills, key skills which we strongly embrace at Christ Church.”

“There are a number of variations that can go beyond guessing one’s location with examples including Mystery Animal, where each class comes up with an animal before the call and the other class must ask yes and no questions to guess what it is.”

“Mystery History, as the name suggests, is for older students and involves them coming up with a historical event for the other class to guess.”

Each Mystery Skype call typically lasts between 45 to 60 minutes.