Published on: 13 February 2019

A six-metre-long art mural is the newest addition to The Wynne Centre for Boys’ Health and Wellbeing, thanks to our 2018 Art Committee whose dedication over six months resulted in this motivating and inspiring piece.

With the guidance of Head of Art Pam Yordanoff and support of Art Department Technician Matthew Thorley, the Art Committee dedicated hours out of school time including a series of Sunday sessions and holidays to conceptualise, design, create and resolve the large-scale piece after initial conversations with Mr Liam Casson, Director of The Wynne Centre for Boys’ Health and Wellbeing.

“The art piece has been designed to capture the aspirational essence of what wellness means to boys at Christ Church,” says Ms Pam Yordanoff.

“In addition to stunning visuals, great motivational messages are featured that encapsulate the energy and spirit we know and see in boys.”

Mr Liam Casson said, “The mural looks simply stunning and the 2018 Art Committee are to be commended for their dedication with this project.”

“The new addition will help serve as a conversation starter, motivating and encouraging boys during their visits to the Centre.”

A special thank you to the 2018 Art Committee members Thomas McQuillan, Aidan Mangano, Julius Yu, Akio Ho, Alexander Honey, Connor Gent, Nathan Tan, Matthew Cunningham, Zak Jacobsen and Lucien Sproat.