Published on: 2 May 2024

The Preparatory School Innovation Lab is a hub of creative problem-solving where students can discover new technologies in a hands-on learning environment. Leader of Innovative Technologies Mr Grant Haggerty runs the Innovation Lab and integrates new technologies into Preparatory classrooms.

Mr Haggerty commented on the positive impact the Innovation Lab classes have on student learning, “Throughout their lessons, students not only cover the technologies curriculum but also work to develop skills such as; design thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and teamwork, critical and creative thinking, communication, personal and social skills, and ICT skills.

There are a variety of technologies and software on offer, tailored to lower and upper primary students. “One of the programs we use in upper primary is Shapr3D – a 3D modelling app that allows students to design 3D models utilising their apple pencil on the iPad that can then be rendered into realistic materials as well as be exported out to the 3D printers for prototyping. Students have used this program to design chess pieces, cookie cutters, Lego components and moulds to form other projects such as the finger skate boards.”

The newest addition to the Innovation Lab is LEGO Education SPIKE Prime kits, which have been incredibly popular with the upper primary students. The School invested in this product as a result of the School’s participation in the LEGO League competition last year, which saw the Preparatory team go through to the state finals. The kits have now been incorporated into the Year 5 curriculum to teach boys coding through these tools and prepare a team for this year’s competition.

“The skills students learn in the Innovation lab can be integrated into what they are learning in other subject areas such as HASS and Science. This offers students a chance to develop their design thinking and problem solving further”, said Mr Haggerty. 

Enjoy this short video of a Year 5 Innovation Lab class.