Published on: 9 June 2021

The Midnite Youth Theatre Company are hard at work rehearsing in the lead up to their Years 11 and 12 production of The Visit.

Written by Friedrich Durrenmatt, The Visit is a piercing, darkly comic story of a scorned woman’s ultimate revenge. The play tells the story of Claire Zachanassian, a world-famous billionaire, who returns to her small hometown of Guellen. The townsfolk hope her arrival signals a change in their fortunes, but they soon realise that prosperity will only come at a terrible price.

Year 11 student Ed Stoddart who plays the role of Alfred Ill spoke about the play’s subtext, “The Visit explores this idea of justice versus injustice, and throughout the play ‘justice’ becomes a very fluid term that is taken to mean many things by the characters, until eventually its essentially this meaningless concept.”

The play will premiere on Wednesday 23 June and run until Saturday 26 June.

Tickets can be purchased via this link.

Hear more from lead cast member Ed Stoddart in the video below.