Published on: 7 June 2018

Fear, excuses and siblings – just some of the hot topics at the centre of this week’s Year 6 Speakers’ Challenge held in the Chapel.

With passion, enthusiasm and confidence, our Year 6 presenters impressed fellow students and teachers whilst being critiqued on their impact, content and presentation skills.

“The boys were each asked to choose a topic to practise their public speaking skills and use minimal props as the focus is on their voice projection, pace, expression, content and also the suitability for a wider audience,” says Acting Year 5 and 6 Co-ordinator, Sally MacKinnon.

“Each presenter is encouraged to reach the magic 3.5 minute mark of speaking to fully convey their ideas in a topic.”

“The Preparatory School places great importance on public speaking and presentation skills with the boys taking part in various programs throughout the year requiring poetry recitation, book readings, speeches and presentations at varying year levels.”

“The Speakers’ Challenge prepares our Year 6 boys for the Senior School House Debating and Public Speaking competitions.”

Congratulations to all boys who participated in this week’s challenge including Aaron Goh, Gabriel Haselhurst and Dilan Baskaranathan who will present their speeches at the IPSHA Speakers’ Challenge on 27 June.