Published on: 13 March 2019

Our first groups of Year 6s enjoyed trialling the Preparatory School’s recently launched Innovation Space.

The 188 square metre space embraces the latest technology and equipment used in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM), including 3D printers and scanners, green screens for filming, collaborative and switchable projectors, programmable Lego and rotating LCD light boxes.

Christ Church Grammar School Director of Information Communication and Technology, Dr Geoffrey Alagoda said, “The Space has been designed with open-enquiry learning and continual innovation at its heart.”

“The world in which our boys live is increasingly interdependent and with local and global affairs becoming intertwined with technology, this impacts the way in which our boys interact, access knowledge and participate in life.”

“As a school, we have made significant investments to offer our boys the latest in technologies such as programmable robotics kits and drones, GoPro cameras, and Augmented Reality Sandbox kits for early exposure to engineering.”

“Our approach with this new learning space is three-fold; the boys use the Space as an extension to their regular class activities, work on long-term projects in groups and then present them in an exhibition style format.”

“As a result of this long-term, open-enquiry approach, boys benefit from being immersed in their projects, understanding the concepts involved and what can be further improved.”

“We look forward to further working with Fire Tech Australia in delivering workshops that build on design thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration skills in boys at Christ Church.”

A preview of their activities can be viewed below.