Published on: 31 October 2019

Our Preparatory School Yahoos and Choir joined the St Hilda’s Junior School Choirs and selected string instrumentalists this week to perform a beautiful combined concert at St Hilda’s Junior School Cortile.

The combined choirs performed Hine E Hine, a Maori lullaby arranged by Mark O’Leary and Tue Tue, a Ghanian folk song arranged by Ruth Morris Gray. The strings performed The Trout and Gabriel’s Oboe.

“Both choirs sang with such enthusiasm and musicality and it was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the vocal talent from both schools,” said Preparatory School Music Teacher, Mrs Eboney Yapp.

“This new initiative of both schools enables our students to come together, form new friendships, work with other music staff to further their education and create a magnificent musical performance.”

Thanks to the dedicated music staff from Christ Church and St Hilda’s for all of their work in bringing this performance together.