Published on: 13 March 2015

Church bells were ringing as a new Preparatory School music ensemble got underway recently at Christ Church parish.

Prep School Music Co-ordinator Sarah Seaman said the Christ Church Bell-Ringers was open to any interested Year 6 boys who met the height requirement and had a strong pair of arms.

Miss Seaman said the boys who attended the initial excursion for the unusual group instrument were entranced.

“Despite needing to exercise patience and stillness while waiting for their turn on the ropes, and keeping quiet while they watched the adult bell-ringers play, the boys all told me they loved the experience and were keen to get started again this week,” Miss Seaman said.

“Their teacher Mary Townsend, who also teaches bell-ringing at St Hilda’s, said the boys did a good job of their first attempt, displayed appropriate behaviour in church and she was pleased by their enthusiasm.” Two other instructors, Callum and Richard, will assist Mary in teaching the boys the proper way to pull.

“Father Peter Boyland (rector of Christ Church parish) is also delighted with the initiative as it is another opportunity for the parish and school to grow closer. The boys join a large and friendly group of adult bell-ringers already playing at the church, so it is already a thriving activity in Claremont,” Miss Seaman said.

The church is one of eight places in Perth where people can practice bell-ringing. Others include St George’s Cathedral and the Perth Bell Tower.