Published on: 11 November 2013

This year’s Year 6 outdoor education experience at Kooringal included an additional night of camping out. The boys completed a mini-expedition – paddling from Scarp Pool around to Frog’s Creek on the picturesque neighbouring property.

The School’s Outdoor Education program at Kooringal wrapped up for the year with the four classes, visiting in two groups, enjoying lovely spring weather with the forest in full flower during Weeks 1 and 2.

Assistant Director of Kooringal Ryan Myles said this year the four-day outdoor education experience began with a train ride from Dwellingup Station to Etmilyn to explore the Jarrah forrest from a different perspective.

Once at Kooringal, located 110km southeast of Perth, the boys immersed themselves in a range of activities including camp cooking, rafting, nature studies (including forest investigation and water ways) and camping out on two nights.

“Nature play is at the heart of the experience with boys given an opportunity to explore and interact with each other and the natural world in a safe way,” Mr Myles said. “The boys showed a great depth of understanding towards the natural environment and their place within it, and further developed their understanding of the way we impact our world.”

Mr Myles said the additional night also allowed the boys to hear from an Indigenous cultural presenter, who taught the boys about Noongar culture and the plants, animals and various uses of the land at Kooringal.

The Year 10 Venture, the pinnacle of Christ Church’s outdoor education journey, departs in Week 6. Venture is an 11-day expedition, which places 14 groups on walk routes through the bushland and coastal setting of Walpole-Nornalup National Park.