Published on: 5 March 2020

Our first wave of Year 5s arrived to Kooringal this week for their much anticipated Earthkeepers experience.

Earthkeepers is an earth education program designed to teach four basic ecological concepts including; the flow of energy, cycling of materials, interrelating of life and the changing of form.

Upon completion the boys will become Earthkeeper apprentices where they learn to engage their heads, hearts and hands in understanding the natural world around them.

“The program makes full use of outside areas, including areas of natural bush and the Murray River,” says Year 5 Teacher, Jasmine Jeffs.

“For the boys, this marks the beginning of their outdoor education journey at Christ Church with plenty of exciting camps to look forward to in the years ahead.”

Ryan Myles, Director of Kooringal Outdoor Education Centre said, “Earthkeepers is designed to teach the boys that each of us has an impact on the health of the planet from the ways we use energy and materials.”

“By the conclusion of the program the boys are empowered with the foundations of environmental understanding.”

“The Kooringal team and I look forward to welcoming our next wave of Year 5 groups in the coming weeks.”

Kooringal is the School’s purpose-built Outdoor Education Centre, situated near Dwellingup.