Published on: 14 November 2019

“I want it to be Outdoor Classroom Day every day!” remarked one of our ELC boys after participating in Outdoor Classroom Day.

The major global campaign, aimed at encouraging more children to play and learn outdoors both at school and home, saw our Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2 classes join thousands of schools recently as they embraced the outdoors for indoor class activities including mat sessions, explicit teaching, literacy learning and phonics lessons, and story time.

“We are firmly of the belief in the Early Learning Community that important learning takes place inside, outside and beyond the classroom,” said Early Learning Years Co-ordinator, Mrs Rebekah Garwood.

“All the learning areas that the boys take for granted inside their classrooms, such as small world play, construction, dramatic play, art and sensory experiences, were set up outside on the day. Boys also spent time in other playgrounds, including the blue web as well as exploring, investigating and using tools down by the river.”

“We know that access to nature and the outdoors is beneficial to the intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual and social development of boys, building boys who are positive risk takers who are self-aware, self-confident and resilient – all skills that are important for future academic success.”

“Outdoor play and learning engages all the senses, builds positive learning dispositions and creates community and a sense of belonging – all priorities of our early learning program at Christ Church.”