Published on: 12 March 2020

Preparatory and Senior School boys from our Peter Moyes Centre (PMC) were ‘flying high’ this week following a special visit by players from the West Coast Eagles.

Anthony Treacy, Tom Barrass, Shannon Hurn, Will Schofield and Liam Duggan were among players who hosted a football clinic for the boys, sharing a kick of the footy on the Senior School oval followed with a Q&A opportunity in the Senior PMC.

The clinic reinforced the importance of having a healthy lifestyle including forms of daily physical activity and a balanced diet.

“It was an amazing opportunity for the Preparatory and Senior PMC boys to interact with the West Coast players who are idolised by some of the boys,” said Co-ordinator of the Senior Peter Moyes Centre, Mrs Amy Porter.

“The players spoke to the boys about the dedication to their sporting career, what motivates them within their personal and professional lives as well as the bond they have all developed through playing together.”

“This was a powerful message for the boys as it reiterated the importance of purpose, drive and connection within our daily lives.”

Some feedback from the boys

  • “I liked doing big kicks and playing with the big boys” Harry Green, Year 4
  • “I really liked the Eagles colours and kicking the ball” Hunter Hall, Year 4
  • “It was great, Will taught me how to kick to myself” Liam Gregory, Year 5
  • “I enjoyed talking to them because they are kind and are my favourite team” Aiden Fahl, Year 7
  • “I liked kicking the footy with Liam Duggan. He was really nice” Jack Morrell, Year 8
  • “I enjoyed meeting the players and loved the long-bomb competition” Ben Shields, Year 11

The visit was organised by the School’s Sports Department.