Published on: 5 October 2016

In the final week of Term 3, the Preparatory School celebrated the artistic talents of the students during the Week of the Arts.

The week began with a vibrant concert in the School Chapel, followed by an art exhibition where family and friends saw examples of the boys’ artistic creations.

“The Week of the Arts is a highlight of the calendar, celebrating and displaying the boys’ various talents. We enjoy showing our fathers, mothers and grandparents some of the boys exceptional work in the arts and across the academic program,” said Richard Wright, Head of the Preparatory School.

The Father, Friend and Son Breakfast was a popular event with more than 220 people gathering in Sandover Dining Hall to enjoy the morning together. This was followed by the Year 6 Learning Journeys where boys had the opportunity to profile their wonderful class work.

Throughout the week, concerts were performed by each class, along with performances by the Piano Duet Club and the Prep Rock Workshop. The Year 6 boys presented Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies, captivating audiences with their impressive and very amusing performances, and the four Houses rocked the Chapel with their House Shout performances. Giles House were this year’s champions!

Finally, on the last day of Term 3, grandparents and grandfriends were invited to the School to see what their loved ones have been enjoying at Christ Church. The boys welcomed their grandparents at the Preparatory School Assembly before sharing their classroom experiences with them. 

It was a wonderful week in the Preparatory School that highlighted the exceptional artistic talent we have here at Christ Church. Many thanks to the team involved, especially those in the Music and Art Departments.