Published on: 5 May 2016

The Year 4 boys visited Penguin Island on Wednesday, where the islands flora and fauna inspired their scientific minds. The excursion was planned as an introduction to the boys’ Science program focusing on biomes and the life cycles of animals.

Year 4 teacher Sarah Stone said 100 boys journeyed to the island where activities included a visit to the Penguin Discovery Centre, a ride on a glass bottom boat and a walk along the boardwalk around the island.

Some particular highlights were seeing a dolphin and its calf, watching seagull chicks, king skinks and pelican chicks explore their surroundings and of course, the penguins.

 “It was really exciting when we got to see some seagull chicks hatch,” said Ashton Belyea.

“It was so exciting seeing the little penguins with the adult penguins,” said Keith Munasinghe.