Published on: 15 August 2014

Andy Quilty’s no rules, risk-taking and instantaneous approach to art left a lasting impression on many Preparatory School boys, who took part in the School’s Artist in Residence program recently.

All boys had a chance to work with the acclaimed WA artist known for his portraiture in signature blue ballpoint pen. Andy’s work, which explores the social, psychological and physical landscape inhabited by the suburban Australian male, is referenced from his working past as a surfboard artist.

Art Specialist Teacher Claire Donald said every boy, from Pre-Primary to Year 6, completed two to three pieces of portraiture work, using blue pens and inks, to produce “quick, cool and instant results”. From photographs, the boys began by drawing skulls and then moved onto interesting faces featuring Andy’s friends and relatives.

Mrs Donald said the experience was nothing short of extraordinary. “I found myself in awe of the manner in which Andy related to the boys and encouraged them to be risk-takers in their art practice,” she said. “The results are refreshing and inspiring.”

Mrs Donald said the feedback from boys and parents had been extremely positive. “Emails, questions and even fan mail for Andy has been streaming through the Christ Church channels this week!”

The Christ Church Parents’ Association funds the Prep School’s Artist in Residence program.