Published on: 24 April 2015

The Prep School was a hive of activity on Monday 20 April, when 35 boys (who will be joining the School for Year 4 in 2016) attended Launchpad. This day is designed to give the boys an opportunity to see the School, meet teachers and get-to-know other boys, in a fun and relaxed environment.

The theme for the day was ‘More We – Less Me,’ and encouraged the boys to work together on a variety of projects. This allowed them to build relationships with boys from other schools, in the hope that it would make their transition to Christ Church seamless.

Maria Hodges, Deputy Head of the Prep School, said it was a terrific day that provided the boys with an introduction to life at Christ Church and the various activities boys can expect to enjoy in the Preparatory School.

“Boys left Christ Church happy, exhausted and with enthusiasm to return. I heard one boy ask his mum ‘can I please come back tomorrow?’”

The boys took part in a variety of workshops. These included an artistic project with Abigail Callow, a sporting adventure with Brady Lechie, a musical endeavour with Stephanie Harford and an introduction to LOTE with Li Liu.

While at the school, the boys had the opportunity to meet Mathilda Carmichael from the Hockeyroos and Australian Ultimate Frisbee players Annie Jessop and Kyal Oh.

Christ Church will hold a mini-Launchpad for incoming Pre-Primary boys on Friday 3 July and another Launchpad for future Year 4 boys on Monday 20 July.