Published on: 16 March 2016

The Christ Church Preparatory School was a hive of activity on Friday 11 March, when 35 future students (joining the School for Year 4 in 2017) attended Launchpad. Designed to immerse the boys in the School for the day, the program provides the boys with an opportunity to meet teachers and get-to-know each other in a fun and relaxed environment.

One of the most engaging programs carried a Star Wars theme, which immediately grabbed the boys’ attention. Working with Art Specialist Claire Donald, the boys drew Star Wars characters they obscured with the delicate mix of felt tip pens and water.

“The work the boys produced was fantastic and incredibly creative,” said Mrs Donald.

“In addition to their artwork, the boys made Star Wars figurines by melting crayons. They were thrilled with the outcome and loved being able to take their work home to their families.”

Other activities for the day included sport with Brady Leckie, a musical endeavour with Stephanie Balfour and a dramatic venture with Ryan Dawson.

“Launchpad is a fun way of introducing the boys to our school and giving them a taste of what they can expect when they join the Christ Church community,” said Maria Hodges, Deputy Head of the Preparatory School.

“The boys had a ball getting to know each other and seeing the School they are ‘launching’ their way into. They left Christ Church in great spirits, saying they had the best school day ever and bursting with stories of their experience.”

Christ Church will hold another Launchpad for incoming Year 4 boys on Monday 18 July. This will be in conjunction with a Mini-Launchpad for future Pre-Primary boys.