Published on: 12 October 2016

Christ Church Grammar School celebrated National Ride2Work/School Day on Wednesday, with more than 100 Preparatory School students and staff pushing their pedals for the morning commute.

“The Ride2Work initiative was a wonderful community event. We had boys from Pre-Primary to Year 6 riding with staff and parents. It is the perfect way to start the school day,” said Richard Wright, Head of the Preparatory School.

“It was a great way to encourage boys to wake their bikes from hibernation and enjoy some pedal-power with their friends.” 

Principal Alan Jones said with spring finally here, he hoped to to see many boys enjoying riding to school or walking a little way.

“We all know the benefits of regular physical activity. If the boys can start their day with a ride or walk to school, they will give their bodies a head start, boost energy levels and arrive in a healthier state of mind,” he said.

National Ride2Work Day is the largest celebration of commuter riding in Australia. The main objective of the day is to normalise the idea of riding to work and encourage more Australians to ride on a regular basis.

Bicycle Western Australia (BWA) kindly donated suncream, slap bands, stickers and reflective backpack covers for the event.

“It was so much fun riding with my friends. It also helped wake me up for the day and I feel like I have heaps of energy now,” said Nick Hilliard (Year 4).