Published on: 3 March 2016

A highlight of the Year 6 Christ Church calendar is the challenging and incredibly rewarding sailing program.

During the program, the Year 6 boys learn about wind conditions, currents, correct boat rigging and sailing safety, while gaining experience and confidence in sailing a three-man Pacer dinghy.

Christ Church boys often use the river as their outdoor classroom as it offers a multitude of rich learning opportunities. During the program, they spend their mornings sailing around the Swan River before returning to shore for History, Geography and Science lessons.

The boys learn the history of the local Freshwater Bay area and why the river holds historical significance with the local Indigenous Wadjuk Nyoongah tribe as a site where “boys became men.” They map the geography of the area and take water samples to test for salinity, bacteria, phosphate and oxygen levels.

As the boys often spend time on the river for a variety of school activities, they take great interest in its health. They learn about the affects of pollutants in the water and how changes to the natural environment impact the local flora and fauna.