Published on: 30 March 2016

This week, cyber safety expert Susan McLean visited the boys from Years 3 to 10 to discuss the explosion of cyber technology and issues such as cyber bullying, harassment and ‘sexting.’

Liam Casson, Director of the Wynne Centre for Boys Health and Wellbeing organised the sessions to assist in educating the boys about the dangers in cyberspace.

Susan has 22 years experience working with technology and the Internet. As a police officer in Victoria for 27 years, she is the most qualified and respected cyber safety expert in Australia and the only independent to advise the Australian government on online issues.

Susan was very clear with the boys, stating there are three questions they must ask before posting anything on the Internet.

  1. Respect – is it respectful to me and to others?
  2. Responsible – is it responsible for me to do this?
  3. Reputation – how will this affect my reputation?

Susan told the boys the real life facts about information that is transmitted on SnapChat, Facebook, sent on mobile phones or other chat room sites – nothing can be permanently deleted and it is never anonymous (everything can be traced). She stressed to the boys to take responsibility and realise that the Internet is a ‘public and permanent’ space.