Published on: 28 November 2019

This year our Preparatory School engaged Western Australian Debating League’s Primary Development Program to introduce Years 5 and 6 students to the art of debating.

The five-week extracurricular program, which focused on the key debating areas of Matter, Manner, Method, Case Construction and a formal debate concluded last week with students testing their newly acquired skills in a formal debate on All school subjects should be optional.

“The students thoroughly enjoyed the course and the chance to practice their new skills in the final debate created much anticipation,” commented Preparatory School Teacher Librarian, Ms Rebecca Cain.

The students were full of praise by the end of the course with comments such as “Debating gives you more confidence”, “It’s interactive, engaging and fun” and “Debating gives you experiences for when you grow up.”

“We are very excited for the 2020 Debating season now our students have more confidence and will be ready to tackle WADL Debating in the Senior School,” said Ms Cain.