Published on: 6 August 2020

This week boys in the Preparatory School have had plenty of fun learning the art of didgeridoo playing as part of NAIDOC Week.

The sounds of bouncing kangaroos, passing trucks and plane manoeuvres were brought to life as acclaimed traditional Aboriginal dancer and didgeridoo player Olman Walley shared the richness of Indigenous culture through music.

The boys also learned more about Indigenous culture and beliefs through dreamtime storytelling, hearing the story of the Yonga (Kangaroo) and how it got its colour and the story about the fish and Kearla (Dolphin).

Year 1 student Sebastian Hernadi commented that Olman shared great stories and his class learnt that to make a didgeridoo, the top branches of a tree are cut.

“I like that because the tree doesn’t die,” said Sebastian.

This Friday during assembly a special mural will be on stage and a couple of our Indigenous students will provide the Prep boys with the story of how the mural came to be. Members of the Christ Church community are encouraged to follow the School’s Facebook page for further coverage.

The Preparatory School Assembly will be streamed this Friday and you can view it here.

Christ Church Grammar School would like to thank Olman and Rickeeta Walley for their meaningful contributions throughout the week.