Published on: 24 July 2015

Following the success of the inaugural Launchpad held in April, the School has recently hosted another Launchpad day for future Year 4 boys, and a Mini-Launchpad for incoming Pre-Primary boys.

Mini-Launchpad gave the boys an opportunity to see the Preparatory School, meet the teachers, and play with other children in a fun and relaxed environment. The boys engaged in many activities around the classrooms, including building with blocks, Play-Doh, writing, drawing, constructing and pattern making. They also spent time exploring the Pre-Primary play area.

During the Year 4 Launchpad boys participated in Drama, Physical Education, Dance, Chinese, IT and Art activities before venturing outside for soccer matches, four square and ‘free time’ on the blue web and oval. Maria Hodges, Deputy Head of the Preparatory School said it was another terrific day during which the future Christ Church boys had a lot of fun.

“The boys got to catch up with friends they made at the first Launchpad event, and meet others who would be joining them at the School in 2016.”

Admissions Registrar, Sarah Gatica-Lara said following the Launchpad events, there had been some very positive reports from future Christ Church families, many of which commented that their sons had the “best day ever!”

“It can be an anxious experience starting at a new school but by providing the boys with early opportunities to make some friends, meet their teachers and explore their new school environment, we hope to make the transition experience positive and exciting for the boys and their families.”