Published on: 5 March 2020

Week 5 has certainly been ‘top of the charts’ for our Year 4s with an overnight stay and some extraordinary animal encounters at the Perth Zoo.

As part of their night safari experience the boys enjoyed getting up close to lions, giraffes, rhinos and elephants – plus an adventure race around the Perth Zoo had hearts racing as the boys searched for clues that would lead onto the next zoo animal to be discovered.

“Deepening the boys’ knowledge of biodiversity is very much a key focus of our annual Zoo Camp,” says Year 4 Teacher, Mr Stephen O’Driscoll.

“Through participation the boys learn the importance of conservation through engaging evening activities, create special enrichment items to be given to the animals and get to set up ‘camp’ undercover in the zoo’s spacious homestead barn.”

“The boys had an absolute blast and even managed to get a few hours sleep – despite the best efforts of the gibbons and lions roaring and screaming all night!”

“I loved the Nocturnal House because of the ghost bats and the bilbies. I also liked the gibbons as they look like giant hairy tarantulas!” said Year 4 student, Tristan Laurie.

Thank you to our parent helpers who supported with the visit.