Published on: 7 August 2015

It was an upside down day in Pre-Primary on Friday 31 July, when everything was around the wrong way. The boys came to school in their pyjamas, said good afternoon in the morning, had a roast dinner at lunch then bedtime stories before play.

Upside Down Day is celebrated every year in the Pre-Primary. It is a day many older boys remembered fondly as this year’s cohort wandered to class in their PJs.

Along with a number of upside down activities, the boys enjoyed preparing a roast chicken and vegetables for lunch. They cut vegetables, set the table and designed their own placemats.

“They even washed the dishes and cleaned the dining area, which I am sure they do all the time at home!” said Mrs Holly Miller, PP to Year 2 Teaching and Learning Co-ordinator.

The Pre-Primary boys have a fun-filled term ahead as they continue learning about communities and community workers during their Geography and History lessons. Later in the term they will be visiting the Fire and Emergency Services Education Centre and the PMH Familiarisation Program will conduct an incursion.