Published on: 6 August 2020

Our Pre-Primary boys recently celebrated Upside Down Day, a tradition which goes back many years in the Preparatory School.

Upside Down Day is celebrated every year in Pre-Primary and for many older boys at Christ Church, an occasion that is fondly remembered.

Along with a number of upside down activities the boys enjoyed helping prepare a hot roast meal for lunch, testing their ability to think opposite and the convenience of wearing their pyjamas to school.

“When the boys arrived in the morning they were welcomed by the soothing sound of gentle lullabies, the classroom was warm and dark – the perfect environment for an early morning nap,” says Pre-Primary Teacher, Ms Stacey McKenzie.

“We then got busy in our upside down world. We did drawings upside down, had a go at writing our names upside down and of course, we cooked!”

“For lunch we had a feast fit for dinner time. With candles burning, flowers on the table and the smell of a hot roast in the oven – our tummies were rumbling.”

The Pre-Primary boys have a fun-filled term ahead as they continue learning about community and community workers in HASS lessons.