Published on: 5 October 2016

The Year 5 boys had an inspirational visit from 18-year-old team pursuit cyclist Sam Welsford in the final week of Term 3.

Two years out from the Rio Olympics, Sam’s coach informed him that he had a 10 per cent chance of making the team. Did Sam sit and sulk? No, he set himself goals to become fitter and stronger than ever before.

Owing to his superior fitness and strength, Sam became a member of the pursuit cycling team in just 12 months, winning gold at the World Championship meet in London.

Sam won a silver medal at the Rio Olympics, beaten by a rim of a wheel by the Great Britain team; both teams beating the world record.

The boys were inspired by Sam’s story, asking a plethora of probing questions which he answered with aplomb. His overall message to the boys: work hard, be determined and persist.