Published on: 10 September 2020


A handful of boys from Years 3 and 4 participated in the Challengeopolis event last Friday morning. Challengeopolis – which is in its inaugural year – is a collaborative initiative between Christ Church Grammar School, St Hilda’s, Scotch College, and PLC, in which the participating students engage in a variety of events where the focus is on challenge rather than competition.

Students were assigned to mixed teams, with students from all four schools in each of the teams, and then tasked with completing a series of challenges designed to test their creative and critical thinking skills.

The activities that were on offer this year included; an escape room puzzle in which the students had to work together to solve maths problems, a STEM task to design the Challengeopolis logo for 2021 and a philosophy debate involving robots and the future.

Challengeopolis is a competition that operates in the spirit of friendship, critical thinking and creativity, and represents an excellent opportunity for our boys to collaborate with students from other schools and build those life skills.