Published on: 1 June 2016

Australian a cappella ensemble The Song Company visited the School last Monday for a series of vocal workshops and a concert for the Years 7 to 10 Music extension students. Both secondary vocalists and Yahoos’ choristers enjoyed learning and singing a challenging and interesting variety of vocal activities, rounds and songs taught by The Song Company. The Yahoo’s were especially excited to perform a piece they are currently learning, The Moon, by Andy Beck. They received valuable feedback and performed the entirety of the song with the members of The Song Company to conclude their session, a musical highlight of the day.

The boys were captivated by a concert outlining the journey of vocal music over 1000 years, from the medieval period until today. The wide ranging program included works by Claudio Monteverdi, the very first female composer Hildegard von Bingen, Johann Sebastian Bach, John Cage and arrangements written specifically for The Song Company of Johnny Green’s Body and Soul and Waltzing Matilda (arranged by Ruth McCall).

It was an inspiring musical experience for everyone, particularly as many students have not heard many of the styles performed, and the individuality and talent of the six vocalists working together as an ensemble was clear and impressive to see. 

“One of their main goals is to develop a new generation of Australians who appreciate and enjoy music,” said Rhiannon Hodgson, Senior Music Teacher. “The boys really enjoyed listening to and singing with the group – it was fantastic having them at the school to inspire the boys creative endeavours and widen their musical exposure.”