Published on: 13 September 2017

Our Pre-Primary and PMC boys made a special visit to the Brownes Dairy Factory this week, exploring the ins and outs of one of Western Australia’s most iconic and well established dairy companies.

Key highlights of the visit included opportunities to milk a real dairy cow and taste test many flavours of yoghurt!

The boys got to explore where everything is made and see Brownes’ Balcatta facility in full action.

“The excursion was related to the HASS Unit of Community workers, which focuses on community workers and the positive impacts they have on the community,” says Pre-Primary Teacher, Ms Letitia Simon.

Our Pre-Primary boys have met and identified a large number of community workers this year and understand how their different roles help make communities function.

They have also undertaken a number of excursions relating to this unit so far, including walking through the Town of Claremont in order to map what they saw on their iPads and create their own class 3D community town.

Additionally, parents have visited the School and shared information about their jobs in the community.