Published on: 27 February 2020

Things ‘got wild’ for our Year 6s last Friday as they got up close to some friendly native animals as part of their latest Innovation Space project.

Volunteers from the Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre visited the School, sharing useful educational advice with the boys who are currently exploring the Black Summer bushfires and researching solutions for native animals that have been displaced.

The project spans across two terms and will see the boys working in small groups to research and create a product that can support the rehabilitation of bushfire affected areas.

Activity Co-ordinator, Ms Sophie Smith said, “It was a great experience for the boys as they had the opportunity to interact with the wildlife and learn ways of how they can help.”

Year 6 student Sam Ramachandran commented, “We were taught how to care for animals if we found them hurt. We also got to see some amazing animals such as the lizard, woylie, snake and echidna.”

“I liked the echidna because it was sniffing around and it was cute. Also, the snake was so cool,” commented fellow student, Jackson Sayer.