Published on: 16 March 2017

Our very first Zoo Camp for the year took place last Thursday with boys from 4SS camping overnight at the Perth Zoo. The camp was arranged as part of our Geography curriculum where the boys got to create special enrichment items to be given to the animals, learn the importance of conservation through engaging activities, and explore Perth Zoo on a special night safari before setting up camp undercover in the spacious Homestead Barn.

Other key highlights from the camp included going behind the scenes of the elephant exhibit and getting up close to a lioness.

“Their levels of excitement were running high! The boys are fortunate to have had an amazing experience” said Ms Stone, 4SS teacher.

The Perth Zoo runs this unique and unforgettable educational experience for students from Years 4 to 8 between September to March each year, focusing the camp on team-building and conservation activities, including up-close experiences with zoo animals.

4JP returned from their Zoo Camp yesterday and had an enjoyable stay. 4VW are our next Year 4 class to make camp this evening and are very excited.