Published on: 31 March 2016

Throughout Term 1, the Year 4 boys had the unique opportunity to discover Perth Zoo after dark. As part of the Geography curriculum, the excursion was a wonderful opportunity for the boys to develop team building skills while learning the importance of conservation through engaging evening activities.

The boys used clues to navigate around the zoo, created enrichment items for the capuchin monkeys, explored the zoo by spotlight and set up camp in the Zoo’s Homestead Barn.

Sarah Stone, Years 3 and 4 Learning Co-ordinator said two favourite moments were going behind the scenes of the elephant exhibit and seeing the rhinos.

“The zoo camp was spectacular and was by far the best thing we’ve done at school,” said Griffin North (4VW).

“The zoo camp was amazing and I loved hearing the animal sounds when I was in bed,” commented Albie Stevens (4SS).

“We did lots of fun things and my favourite part was the night walk, where we saw animals from the African savannah,” said Aidan Greene (4MW).