Published on: 31 July 2015

The idea of using a projector in the classroom is certainly not a new concept, however, seeing a projector in the School gym has had many students look twice. It is well documented that boys learn by visual stimuli and in Physical Education, it is even more apparent.

Research shows that when boys first learn a new skill, they progress through three stages of learning:

  1. The cognitive phase characterised by learning and familiarisation of the basic motor patterns
  2. The associative phase, which is essentially the practice stage
  3. The autonomous phase, the last and most difficult stage, culminating in the skill being performed automatically with very few errors.

“Whether it is Ms Kim Malajczuk teaching basic fundamental movement skills to the Year 1 boys or Mr Tom Jerram preparing Year 12 boys for their Physical Education WACE practical, allowing the boys to watch themselves perform a skill, has tremendous benefits to the outcome of learning, particularly during the associative stage,” said Mr Luke Farmer, Head of Health and Physical Education.

With technology improving, the School continually brings new ideas to the classroom. iPad applications like BAM video delay, Ubersense and SloPro allow teachers to film the boys performing a skill, before viewing the footage for analysis of its execution.

“Seeing myself on the screen gives me a different perspective of what I am actually doing,” said a student in Mr Jerram’s class. The technology then allows the teacher to slow down their student’s action and talk through the finer details for further improvement.

“I’d like to thank the Headmaster and Mr Patrick Lawrence from ICT for their support of this concept,” said Mr Farmer.

“The projector will be a useful tool for the teacher and boys from Pre-Primary to Year 12.”