Published on: 31 July 2015

On Tuesday 28 July, the Year 5 boys enjoyed an exciting introduction to their Term 3 Science work, as they participated in the H2O show and workshop run by Scitech.

With an enthusiastic audience, the entertaining presenters demonstrated some of the many capabilities of water, showing how it behaves differently depending on its temperature or state. A highlight for the boys was creating a chemical reaction causing an explosion!

“The morning was absolutely amazing. Using the magic of Science, we popped the lid off a tin can with just citric acid and some pressure,” said Tim Creed.

“I enjoyed the Scitech incursion because the fun came to us! We built a dam using a variety of materials – it was like a miniature simulation,” said Ken Lo.

“Building the dams was great fun because we worked as a team. We discussed the best design first then had fun building. It made me realise how important engineers are,” said Sam English.

Jody Henry, Year 5 teacher said the boys were very excited to explore the way solids, liquids and gases changed under different conditions.

“H2O was a fantastic way to turn on our science thinking,” she said.